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What is Insurance Archeology

Leading the way for over 30 years in legacy insurance consulting.

Marsh formed the first dedicated broker insurance archaeology unit in 1988 under the InSolutions brand in response to a need among North American companies to trace historical coverage they had purchased in the London insurance market. By the mid-1990s the unit had expanded into the UK employers’ liability (EL) market. Clients vary from small family-run businesses in Norfolk to FTSE 100 multi-nationals.

How is it done? – Marsh has the largest archive of legacy broker insurance records, with well over 1.5 million items of filing stored in a specialist facility in the UK. These records in some cases date back to the late 1940s. The Norwich based team, through their market knowledge and experience, have an extensive network of contacts with other brokers and insurance companies. Researchers will also undertake site visits and review client’s archives looking for evidence of coverage, such as premium payments to an insurer in the accounting records.

The unit will also, in the case of diversified companies, undertake a full Companies House work-up, which often proves the claimant’s solicitors are suing the wrong company.

To find out more about our insurance archaeology, please contact us directly.

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About Insolutions

The InSolutions team has over 30 years of experience supporting clients in respect of legacy insurance issues. The team are specialists in insurance archaeology and legacy claims support. They have focused for many years on the legacy UK and London Market.