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Global Policy Research

Working in close collaboration with our clients, our experienced team can help locate historical insurance assets through a tailored comprehensive research programme.

Many companies and organisations face mass tort and complex liabilities that significantly affect their financial outlook from around the world. Allegations surrounding these types of liabilities can span decades.

InSolutions sits within Marsh Risk Consulting who can help companies in almost any industry or region of the world manage risk more intelligently so they can enhance resiliency, maximise recoveries, and lower their total cost of risk. Marsh Risk Consulting's global experience can assist in addressing these potential costs.

In particular, we specialise in:

  • Employers’ liability.
  • London direct and faculty reinsurance placements.
  • US liability (casualty) and Workers’ Compensation Act (WCA) in association with our US Marsh Risk Consulting colleagues.

The value you get:

  • The reinstatement by tracing of valuable lost insurance assets.
  • Allows management to focus on current business issues through the transfer of legacy claims.
  • Future certainty around the protection against burdensome claims and expensive defence costs.

To find out how InSolutions can benefit your business, please contact us directly.

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