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Insurance Archaeology

Leading insurance tracing and legacy services since 1988.

We help trace historical insurance coverage and develop a historic insurance profile to identify protection that exists for legacy claims, providing certainty around claims transfer and resolution.

Our insurance archaeology services can provide:

  • Protection for investors and shareholders from unexpected legacy liabilities.
  • Insight into historic employers’ liability (EL) coverage.
  • A thorough corporate profile of historical entities associated with the business.
  • Options around legacy EL coverage.

The value you get:

  • The reinstatement by tracing of valuable lost insurance assets.
  • The ability to focus on current business issues through the transfer of legacy claims.
  • Future certainty around the protection against burdensome claims and expensive defence costs.
  • An understanding of historical business ownership and the ability to redirect legacy claims to third parties or insurance carriers.

InSolutions sits within Marsh Risk Consulting. Marsh Risk Consulting can help companies in almost any industry or region of the world manage risk more intelligently so they can enhance resiliency, maximise recoveries, and lower their total cost of risk.

To find out how InSolutions can benefit your business, please contact us directly.

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